Cheese and Pie man at Ely Markets

National Cheese Day 4th June 2023

What a wonderful day of the week for National Cheese Day to fall on. You’ve been to Ely Markets the previous day to collect your favourite vegetables which you’ve turned into glorious dishes to adorn your Sunday roast dinner. Quite possibly you’ve finished with a delicious, seasonal gooseberry crumble swimming in custard!

As a nation we are always up for a celebration so why not make a toast to this national day by finishing that Sunday dinner with a cheeseboard? Find The Cheese & Pie Man at Ely Markets today from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Choose from an incredible range of cheeses to suit everyone’s taste, from Black Bomber Cheddar, to Comte, to Baron Bigod Brie and so many more. Pair with crackers, bread from Brown Bread Bakery, fresh fruits and your favourite chilli jam from Chilli Freaks.

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